Our 3 hours course is held in Perth city and easy to book:

Just give us a call on 04 5000 5381.

Theses 3 hours are organised by an hour theory, an hour practice and an hour of photographs analyse.

We will teach you how to use the priority and manual modes on your own camera.

We offer 3 different courses, depending of your level:

  1. Beginners Level 1: Depth of field. You will play with the sharpness of an image working with the aperture and focus. We also teach you the basics of analyse and photograph composition
  2. Intermediate Level 2: Speed and movement. You will learn how to freeze a movement, and make different effects using the shutter speed priority.
  3. Advanced Level 3: Light and exposition. You will discover how to find and determine the right exposure balancing the 3 main camera settings: Aperture, shutter speed and ISO.