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  • YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL (sport gear, fashion label..) who needs stylish and high quality underwater photographs for an exceptional advertising
  • YOU ARE A PARENT and would like to freeze an incredible underwater moment
  • YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED OR ENGAGED and need a portfolio different than everything else
  • YOU WANT A PHOTO OF YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY OR YOUR FRIENDS to have fun and keep beautiful portraits

Give us a call on 0450005381 or email us at to make your booking.

Theses one can either be done at your pool, at the pool we have a partnership with, or exceptionally in the ocean (depending on the location and the weather conditions).
You can bring your own concept, clothing or make-up, but if you do not have any of these, we can help you.
We have hundreds of different ideas, make up and clothing for an extra cost of only $50. Count between half an hour and 2 hours in the pool (depending of how many people, how old, what set up..) + preparation time.

For any shooting that you wish to book (for yourself or your child), you must agree our general conditions before immersion


You can immortalise a magic moment of/with your baby from 2 months old, with our Aquababy photo-shoot sessions.

Babies can swim before they can walk, they born with this natural reflex of automatically hold their breath and open their eyes when immersed underwater!

Babies confidence is essential prior to start an underwater photo-shoot, so we advise you to take swimming lessons prior booking or make the photo-shoot happen during a swimming lesson.

It must be run in water not colder than 27 degrees so if your pool is too cold we invite you to immerse in our pool.
We also turn around different public pools to capture beautiful images during baby and kids swimming lessons.

Be aware that a baby or very young kid will not stay more than half an hour in the water, and we will do an average of 8 to 10 immersions of 2 to 4 seconds


1. Contact us by phone on 0450005381 or email at to choose the date, time, swimming pool and secure your booking with a deposit (corresponding to our sitting fees, refundable if cancellation made 48 hours prior)

2. We immerse you on a journey where the shoots will represent the best yourself or the one(s) you love

3. We send you by email a panel of the best photographies within 2 days, a recap of our products and our price list

4. You select your favourite images with the corresponding mounts and make your payment

5. You receive your customised Art wall within 1 to 8 days, depending on the mount chosen


  • At your pool: $200 sitting fees + choose your products on the frames collection
  • At our pool: $150 sitting fees + choose your products on the frames collection
  • At a swim school (aqua babies): $100 + choose your products on the frames collection

Note: $50 extra if equipment or make up needed

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