Who are we?


Marie Glemot - Immersion PhotographyI discovered the underwater world with a regulator in Thailand in 2008 and immediately fell in love with it.

So I made my way to become a scuba diving instructor to show people how captivating it is down there. I am still teaching diving on my free time.

I always had a huge interest in arts in general and get seriously into photography in 2010 taking intense photography courses.

In addition, being a model for a few years in Paris taught me a lot about the fashion photography : How to pose, or see the beauty of an image… Little details can make the difference if you know how to analyse it!

Diving is a passion, and photography is a passion, so why not combine them to create some incredible artistic new style images.

What do we do?

Our gallery

Our collection growing over the years, you will find an interesting and various panel of photographs, that you would have choice to own under different mounts – for commercial use for your website, for printing, or just would like to enjoy having a professional photography different than everything else.

  • Digital version: We have 2 different sizes of photography
  • Canvas: We have 9 different seizes of canvas including panorama and squares
  • The trio collection: A beautiful trio of images on frame available on 3 different colours (black, white, and aluminium)
  • Basic frames: We have 9 different sizes including panorama and squares, and you can also choose your colour (black mat, white mat, silver brushed, champagne mat, ornate luxury)
  • Aluminium for a glossy effect: We have 9 different sizes including panorama and squares

Tell us what and how you want it and we customise it for you.

You can browse our ” frames collection” section for more details and prices

Book your shooting

  • YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL (sport gear, fashion label..) who needs stylish and high quality underwater photographs for an exceptional advertising
  • YOU ARE A PARENT and would like to freeze an incredible underwater moment
  • YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED OR ENGAGED and need a portfolio different than everything else
  • YOU JUST WANT A PHOTO OF YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY OR YOUR FRIENDS to have fun and keep beautiful portraits

Theses one can either be done at your pool, at the pool we have a partnership with, or exceptionally in the ocean (depending on the location and the weather conditions).

Once your photo-shoot done, you can choose the frame  in our ” frames collection” and we customise it for you


You can immortalise a magic moment of/with your baby from 2 months old, with our Aquababy photo-shoot sessions.

Babies confidence is essential prior to start an underwater photo-shoot, so we advise you to take swimming lessons prior booking or make the photo-shoot happen during a swimming lesson.

You can browse our “book your shooting” section for more details and prices

Photography courses

We offer 3 different levels of on land photography courses and

 a PADI speciality underwater photography course.

You can browse our ” Photography courses” section for more details and prices



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